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EnerCube应用场景-工业园区新logo 910-574


Containerized Battery Energy Storage System

EnerCube Battery Energy Storage System is launched by Vilion team with 15 years of electrochemical energy storage R&D and application experience, which adopts All-in-One design and integrates battery module, PCS, PDU, FSS, TCS, MPPT into the 20ft or 40ft containers and is suitable for the most demanding of industrial and commercial applications.

  • All-in-one Design
  • Cell: LFP batteries
  • Battery capacity (BOL): 675.84KWh~1351.68KWh
  • Rated power: 240KW~1000KW

EnerCube Containerized Battery Energy Storage System

EnerCube Battery Energy Storage System is a high-safety integrated energy storage system for demanding of user-side energy storage launched by Vilion team combined with 15 years of electrochemical energy storage R&D and application experience. It is designed for the most applications scenarios such as industrial and commercial emergency power, peak-load shifting, system capacity expansion and smoothing new energy power output.


EnerCube Battery Energy Storage System implements strict production management standards on the basis of ISO quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system requirements, ensuring that hundreds of tests and commissioning have been carried out before delivery to customers, thus saving on-site construction and operation costs, and realizing safe, efficient and comfortable energy use.  


All-in-one Design
Cell: LFP batteries
Battery capacity (BOL): 675.84KWh~1351.68KWh
Rated power:240KW~1000KW

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Peak-load shifting
Microgrid and islands
Frequency regulation
Renewable integration

Emergency power 

High Integration 

EnerCube Battery Energy Storage System adopts All-in-One design and integrates battery modules, intelligent Power Conversion System (PCS), Power Distribution Unit (PDU), automatic Fire Suppression System (FSS), Temperature Control System (TCS), Intelligent Monitoring System (IMS) and photovoltaic controller (MPPT) by one-stop in the containers of international standard size, which is easy to lift and transfer.






Flexible Scalability

EnerCube adopts modular design of structure and components and can be flexibly apply to microgrid, integrated Solar+Storage+EV charging stations and other industrial & commercial application scenarios by different functional configurations. It supports multiple parallel connection and collaborative control to serve as a large storage power station. For special extensive application, it can be integrated with multi-type power source, such as solar, wind and diesel generators as per demands conveniently. Furthermore, the isolation between clusters technique ensures problems of one cluster will never affect others, such as the early attenuation of a single cluster can be conveniently deal with via separately replacing by another battery cluster of different brand, different manufacturing time and even different specification because of the superior system compatibility.  

Let’s find why choose EnerCube.


High safety is the best reason to choose EnerCube.


EnerCube Battery Energy Storage System is equipped with EV level safety high-performance LFP batteries, and the battery cluster consists of a series of highly reliable EV process modules. The original design patents of preventing flame outward expansion and battery cluster active parallel management technology are adopted to ensure excellent safety performance and isolation of accidents. Besides, the automatic detection and fire extinguishing system will minimize possible risks. 

Economy and high efficient make you choose EnerCube. 

The optimized design on hardware and software of EnerCube ensures quick system response in milliseconds and higher conversion efficiency. Independently developed intelligent cloud platform combines with EMS, focusing on maximizing revenue in real time. Hundreds of software and hardware tests and optimization to improve conversion efficiency. Besides, EnerCube embeds intelligent temperature control system to effectively cut power consumption.





Customized BESS Solution

Vilion also could provide you with the customized BESS solution with flexible power and capacity according to the project specific application.
Application: frequency regulation, voltage support, renewable energy integration, peak load shifting, microgrid and backup power supply.
Charging/discharging rate: 4C, 2C, 1C, 0.5C, etc.
Container type: 20ft, 30ft, 40ft.

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