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New Product Launch——EnerArk2.0

We are delighted to announce that Vilion has introduced the new EnerArk2.0 Integrated Battery Energy Storage Cabinet, it continues the EnerArk1.1's minimalist appearance and All-in-One design. Meanwhile, the high reliability 280Ah LFP battery cell, capacity of 215kWh, the 30kW,60kW or 100kW PCS with UK G99 and CE certifications, and the optional configuration of PV MPPT and STS static automatic switching modules provide another high-performance solution for industrial and commercial energy storage users. Demand for Vilion’s energy storage products and solutions is growing fast in C&I users. We thank them for choosing Vilion to be their energy plan partner and their different demands which promote the continuous product and service innovation.

Integrated Energy Solution of Solar+ Storage + Charging

Recently, Vilion designed a set of Solar+ Storage + Charging integrated energy system solution for a customer in Shenzhen. The system consists of photovoltaic system, a 40-foot container energy storage system with a capacity of 500kW/1MWh, and a charging system. Vilion provided the design, the integration of the whole system solution and the energy storage system. This energy system solution deeply combines traditional industrial technology with the application of IoT technology. The ViStarter intelligent energy management system is used to accurately collect real-time data and take charge of real-time monitoring and operation management of the entire energy system, so as to realize intelligent, easy and scientific energy use. The integrated energy solution of Solar+ Storage + Charging will firstly ensure that the green solar energy will charge the electric vehicle through the charging pile, and the excess energy will be stored in the energy storage system. When the photovoltaic power generation is insufficient at night, the energy storage system will automatically release it to charge the electric vehicle, effectively improving the utilization efficiency of the solar system. At the same time, the system can also be set that in the low period of electricity price, the utility grid charges the energy storage system, and in the peak period of electricity price, the energy storage system discharges, so as to save electricity and get profits. The system has both on-grid and off-grid operation mode and switching functions. When the utility grid is off, the energy storage system can run at off-grid mode and act as an emergency backup power to ensure the constant power supply of the charging pile.

How can an Energy + Storage +Diesel generator system meet your diverse and reliable energy demands?

EnerCube, a containerized energy storage system independently developed and produced by Vilion with a customized capacity of 240kW/688kWh and connected to the user's photovoltaic system and diesel generator to form an intelligent Energy + Storage +Diesel generator system. Through on-grid mode operation and combining with the EMS scheduling strategy designed by Vilion, it can intelligently deploy each power generation unit. The photovoltaic green power is given priority to provide to the load, and then charged to the energy storage system. According to the user's settings, the energy storage system can be charged from the utility grid during low electricity price periods and released during the peak. In emergency situations, the system can also start the diesel generator as power supply with one button, so as to meet the diverse and reliable energy demands.

Vilion Held a Team Building Activity of The Badminton Friendly Competition

On April 23, 2023, Vilion held a friendly badminton competition. The activity also included table tennis, chess and other fun activities. This team building activity adopts the form of teams organized according to the department, with a variety of modes such as singles, doubles and random draw. On the one hand, it helps the staff to relax after the intense work. On the other hand, it effectively stimulates the sense of teamwork and enhances the colleague relationship, so that every member of the big family of Vilion can fully and easily integrate into the team and grow and make breakthroughs in a competitive, cooperative, lively, enterprising, rigorous and orderly atmosphere.

Vilion 30kW & 60kWPCS Are Certified By The UK Energy Networks Association (ENA)

After passing the TÜV Rheinland test and obtaining the UK G99 grid-connected certification, the 30kW and 60kW PCS of Vilion have passed the UK Energy Network Association (ENA) review and certification again and listing the approved products and suppliers of 30kW and 60kW PCS by ENA. Vilion will continue to work with other UK contributors to better serve the UK energy and electricity market by focusing on energy storage technologies and products, helping the UK achieve net zero emissions as soon as possible and contribute to a sustainable future for the humanity.

How Can a Convenient BESS Help You Manage Your Family Electricity Consumption?

The Vilion team had made a return visit to the users of EnerArk Integrated Outdoor Battery Energy Storage Cabinet located in Manchester, UK. The energy storage cabinet runs well, especially its excellent electricity bill saving ability was praised by the users. It not only provides reliable backup power for the house, but also helps the family greatly save electricity cost by charging from the utility grid during the off-peak period of electricity price and supplying power to the load during the peak period of electricity price.   The EnerArk provided by Vilion can be configured with functions and capacity according to your house, it saves space, self-protection grade is fully suitable for outdoor use, low noise and easy to operate. Vilion can also provide free remote operation and maintenance support, to ensure that you can better manage your household electricity bills on the basis of easy and comfortable electricity consumption.

Vilion Dispatched Two Sets of 30kW/120KWh EnerArk to The UK Customer

On April 14, 2023, Vilion dispatched two sets of 30kW/120KWh integrated outdoor battery energy storage cabinets to the customer in UK. This energy storage system will be connected to the local photovoltaic system to improve photovoltaic utilization efficiency, and has the on-grid and off-grid switching function to help users seasonably deploy the energy, save electricity bills and ensure stable power supply.

Vilion Held the Fire Safety Training and Practical Exercise Activities

In order to further strengthen the awareness of production safety and the investigation and management of fire safety hazards, and comprehensively promote the company's production safety and fire safety, Vilion held a fire safety training and practical operation exercise activity on the afternoon of April 13, 2023, where Vilion’s staff actively participated in the learning and practicing.

EnerCube Wins Order from UK

On March 25, 2023, Vilion's self-developed EnerCube2.0, the third-generation energy storage system won an order from a British customer. This set of energy storage system, with a customized power capacity of 120kW/680kWh, will be used in local farms for peak-load shifting. In the future, it will be connected to the solar system to form an intelligent solar+ storage system and realize green power supply.
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