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Vilion‘s 12 Sets of Enerark Are Delivered to The Customer

Under the pressure of "power limiting + TOU", production is limited and costs rise sharply. How can industrial enterprises break the game? Vilion can provide you with satisfactory answers -- EnerArk integrated outdoor battery energy storage cabinet. On November 25, 2022, the 12 sets of EnerArk produced by Vilion were delivered to the customer: it is a large power bank to provide emergency standby power to secure the industrial power supply. it can regulate the electricity load curve through EMS intelligent control and keep stable production. it can realize cost savings and considerable benefit by customized investment income calculation and ESS charging at valley period of the electricity price and discharging at peak period of the electricity price. it acts as a low cost power capacity expanding equipment to reduce the cost of basic power transmission and distribution construction and demand charge and save investment. The EnerArk uses EV-safety, high performance LFP batteries, and has the function of on-grid and off-grid switching. It supports real-time data backup and cloud data analysis, plug and play,one-key start-stop and intelligent operation and maintenance The multiple parallel connection of the EnerArk can meet the various power requirements. Vilion is standing by to accompany you to ensure that you are maximizing the benefits of a solution in your next energy plan. Service hotline: 008613612891164

Energy Sector Employment Has Recovered Strongly, After a Turbulent Few Years In Global Labour Markets

Energy employment is set to shift rapidly as countries and companies accelerate efforts to decarbonise and meet net zero emissions pledges. To date, there is no global benchmark dataset for employment across the energy sector. This report aims to provide this baseline by sector, region, and value chain segment. These estimates were calibrated against more than 15 000 data points on employment and wages gathered from national labour accounts, company reports, in-country experts, international databases and academic literature. The end product is a first-of-its-kind assessment of global energy employment, which can serve as a foundation for policy makers and companies to understand the labour-related opportunities and challenges of an evolving global energy sector. The energy sector employed over 65 million people in 2019, equivalent to around 2% of global employment. These jobs are roughly equally distributed across fuel supply (21 million), in the power sector (20 million), and in end uses (24 million) such as energy efficiency and vehicle manufacturing. At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, layoffs were common across geographies, especially in oil and gas supply. Yet, energy employment exceeds pre-pandemic levels today thanks to resilient growth in clean energy. Fossil fuel employment, however, is only set to return to pre-pandemic levels this year. Hiring gaps and tight labour markets have contributed to supply chain disruptions and project delays in many parts of the energy sector, notably offshore wind, oil and gas, and energy efficiency retrofits. Today’s global energy crisis could prompt governments and industry to rethink their global supply chain exposures especially vis-à-vis dependence on Russia’s fossil fuels. This may portend another few years of larger-than-normal shifts in energy employment. Clean energy employs over 50% of total energy workers, owing to the substantial growth of new projects coming online. Most regions have surpassed this threshold already, though the Middle East and Russia are notable exceptions. Many clean energy segments rival the workforce in conventional energy segments. Low-carbon power generation, mainly solar and wind, employs 7.8 million, on par with oil supply. Vehicle manufacturing employment, which stands at 13.6 million globally, already employs 10% of its workforce in the manufacture of EVs, their components and batteries. Over half of energy employment is in the Asia Pacific region. Rapid energy infrastructure expansion in Asia Pacific is outpacing other regions, and lower-cost labour is enabling the emergence of significant clean energy manufacturing hubs that supply projects worldwide, notably for solar, electric and hybrid vehicles, and batteries. China alone accounts for almost 30% of the global energy workforce. However, established energy companies in North America and Europe maintain global market strength and anchor a sizeable employment base working on domestic and overseas projects, as is the case in oil and gas, wind, and vehicle engineering. The construction of new projects, including the manufacture of their components, is the largest driver of energy employment across the value chain. Over 60% of the workforce is employed to develop new projects, including building power plants, bringing oil wells online and laying pipelines, manufacturing cars, carrying out efficiency retrofits and installing high-efficiency electric heat pumps. The energy sector requires higher-skilled workers than other industries. Around 45% of energy workers today are in high-skilled occupations, compared to only one-quarter across the economy. This share is even higher for jobs in research and development for new energy innovations, many of which are set to grow rapidly to 2030. Strategic planning can ensure that scaling is not hampered by a shortage of skilled workers. Establishing market strength in these segments relies on new training and certification, and can be a focus for industry along with ministries of energy, labour, and education. Workers in coal and other fossil fuels have many of the skills needed to fill positions in growing clean energy sectors. Fossil fuels employ almost 32 million globally today. Some companies are transferring their workers to low-carbon segments internally to retain talent, and allow for flexibility to shift workers between different business segments as needs arise. However, this is not an option everywhere, and ensuring a just transition for affected workers is a growing focus for policy makers in many regions, especially for coal, which has already seen consistent declines since 2015. Source: Executive Summary – World Energy Employment – Analysis - IEA

A Merchant Bureau Delegation from Jiangsu Visited Vilion

On the morning of November 24, 2022, Mr. Zhang and his delegation from a Merchant Bureau in Jiangsu visited Vilion. First of all, Mr. Shawn, the CEO of Vilion held an exchange meeting with Mr. Zhang and his delegation, during which Mr. Shawn introduced Vilion’s main business, products, technologies, qualifications and past cases in detail. After the meeting, under the guidance of Mr. Shawn, Mr. Zhang and others visited the production base of Vilion in Shenzhen. Mr. Shawn introduced to customers the technological process of battery modules and the functions and features of EnerArk Integrated Outdoor Battery Energy Storage Cabinet that is going to finishing production soon and both sides discussed the further cooperation.  

Vilion Won EnerCube and EnerArk Orders Again

On November 16 and 17, 2022, Vilion successively won orders for EnerCube 20-foot Containerized Energy Storage System and EnerArk Integrated Outdoor Battery Energy Storage System. The products will eventually serve the industrial and commercial energy storage users in Germany and Thailand respectively.

Vilion Held The System Communication Mode Special Training

On November 15, 2022, Vilion held a special training on 485, CAN and Ethernet bus communication mode and their comparison, which was given by Mr. Zhang, the product development director of Vilion and the training was open to all colleagues of the company.

A Xiamen Company Visited Vilion

On November 11, 2022, a company from Xiamen visited Vilion. Mr. Shawn, the general manager of Vilion, and Mr. Zhang, the marketing director of Vilion, firstly introduced the basic information, main products, technical features and successful cases of Vilion on the meeting to the customers. Then, they accompanied the customers to visit the production base of Vilion in Shenzhen and introduced the structure and performance of EnerArk outdoor energy storage system and EnerCube modular containerized energy storage system in detail. Communication meeting   EnerArk integrated outdoor battery energy storage cabinet introduction    EnerCube containerized energy storage system introduction   Factory visiting  

Vilion Carried Out Production Technology Skills Training

On the afternoon of November 11, 2022, Vilion conducted a production technology skills training activity organized by the Production Department in Vilion’s factory of Shenzhen. Vilion keeps organizing the training activities regularly for employees in different departments to help them improve their work skills and quality, so as to control every process of products and services as comprehensively as possible, and ensure to provide users with more secure, reliable and high-quality services.

Vilion Completed The Commissioning & Delivery of An Energy Storage + Charging Station Project in Shenzhen

On November 8, 2022, Vilion successfully completed the commissioning and delivery of the 30kW/100kWh EnerArk Integrated Outdoor Battery Energy Storage Cabinet which independently developed, designed and produced by Vilion to an industrial park in Longgang, Shenzhen. As a demonstration project of energy storage + charging station, it helps the industrial park achieve peak-load shifting. The electricity demand curve can be effectively adjusted through the charging and discharging process of the battery energy storage cabinet. In the low period of electricity price, the utility grid will charge to the battery energy storage cabinet. In the peak period of electricity price, the battery energy storage cabinet will provide power to the electric vehicles in the industrial park, so as to achieve the goals of energy transfer and obtain revenue from the difference of electricity bills of different periods, and accomplish the goal of comprehensively reducing the power consumption cost.  

Vilion Obtained New Order for 5 Sets of EnerArk from a Company in Ningbo, China

On November 2, 2022, a Ningbo company ordered 5 sets of 30kW/100kWh EnerArk Integrated Outdoor Battery Energy Storage Cabinet from Vilion. The EnerArk was independently developed by Vilion and is a popular energy storage product, widely used in industrial and commercial peak-load shifting, emergency power, system expansion, solar+storage charging stations, new energy power generation and other application scenarios.
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