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Vilion Announces the New Company Logo

Vilion is pleased to announce the new logo today. Its shape is repeated by the rotation of a V to form a circle, which means convergence, condensation and recycling, at the same time, it demonstrates Vilion's pursuit of globalization, internationalization and perfection. The negative space of the graph contains a star, which represents the promise of outstanding quality and excellent service of Vilion.  

Vilion Held Internal Training on Product Application and Solution

On the morning of September 20, 2022, Mr. Andy, the chief engineer of Vilion, conducted an internal training on product application and solutions for all staff of the company. Vilion regularly holds at least one internal training every week to help colleagues better understand product, understand specific product application scenarios, and have the basic ability to respond quickly and recommend suitable products for customers.

EnerArk Outdoor BESC was Shipped and is delivering to Customers in Malaysia

After intensive and orderly production and testing, the EnerArk outdoor battery energy storage cabinet produced by Vilion was officially shipped to Malaysia on September 16, 2022. This product is a good attempt of cooperation between the two sides and lays a foundation for the further promotion of Vilion’s energy storage products in the Malaysian market.

A Company From Shenzhen Visited Vilion to Discuss the Configuration & Cooperation of ESS for a Business District

On September 15, 2022, a company from Shenzhen visited Vilion to discuss the configuration of energy storage solution for a large commercial complex. Mr. Zhang, the marketing director, Mr. Ian, the structural design director, and Mr. Zhang, the product development director of Vilion attended the technical communicating meeting, introduced the characteristics of Vilion’s solution to customers in detail, and then accompanied customers to visit the production base in Shenzhen. In the factory, Vilion showed products samples and explain energy storage product configuration and integration technology on site. The energy storage solution designed by Vilion for customers aims to help the business district implement national and international high standards for green and healthy buildings, and introduce intelligent energy storage system to facilitate energy saving, emission reduction and sustainable development.  

Global Energy Employment Rises Above Pre-Covid Levels, Driven by Clean Energy and Efforts to Strengthen Supply Chains

IEA provides first ever assessment of energy jobs worldwide by region and technology, offering vital analysis in the context of the global energy crisis and clean energy transitions Global employment in the energy sector has risen above its pre-pandemic levels, led by increased hiring in clean energy, according to a new IEA report that offers the first worldwide benchmark for employment across energy industries. The inaugural edition of the World Energy Employment Report, which will be published annually, maps energy sector employment by technology and value chain segment. The report provides a data-rich foundation for policy makers and industry decision makers to understand the labour-related impacts of clean energy transitions and shifts in energy supply chains following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The amount of energy jobs worldwide has recovered from disruptions due to Covid-19, increasing above its pre-pandemic level of over 65 million people, or around 2% of the total labour force. The growth has been driven by hiring in clean energy sectors. The oil and gas sector, meanwhile, saw some of the largest declines in employment at the start of the pandemic and has yet to fully recover. With the recent rebound, clean energy surpassed the 50% mark for its share of total energy employment, with nearly two-thirds of workers involved in building new projects and manufacturing clean energy technologies. At the same time, the oil and gas sector is also experiencing an upswing in employment, with new projects under development, notably new liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure. The energy sector is set to see its fastest employment growth in recent years in 2022, however high input costs and inflationary pressures are adding to hiring and supply chain challenges already present in some regions and subsectors, such as solar, wind, oil, and gas. Policy responses to the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including the US Inflation Reduction Act, will continue to add to new hiring demand and to shifting the status-quo of global energy supply chains. Energy jobs counted in this report span the value chain, with around a third of workers in energy fuel supply (coal, oil, gas and bioenergy), a third in the power sector (generation, transmission, distribution and storage), and a third in key energy end uses (vehicle manufacturing and energy efficiency). More than half of energy employment is in the Asia-Pacific region. This reflects rapidly expanding energy infrastructure in the region and access to lower-cost labour that has enabled the emergence of manufacturing hubs that serve both local and export markets, notably for solar, electric vehicles and batteries. China alone accounts for 30% of the global energy workforce. In all IEA scenarios, clean energy employment is set to grow, outweighing declines in fossil fuels jobs. In the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario, 14 million new clean energy jobs are created by 2030, while another 16 million workers switch to new roles related to clean energy. New energy jobs may not always be in the same location nor require the same skills as the jobs they replace, requiring policy makers to focus on job training and capacity building to ensure that energy transitions benefit as many people as possible.  “Countries around the world are responding to the current crisis by seeking to accelerate the growth of homegrown clean energy industries. The regions that make this move will see huge growth in jobs,” said IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol. “Seizing this opportunity requires skilled workers. Governments, companies, labour representatives and educators must come together to develop the programmes and accreditations needed to cultivate this workforce and ensure the jobs created are quality jobs that can attract a diverse workforce.” Around 45% of the world’s energy workers are in high-skilled occupations, compared with about 25% for the wider economy. Some fossil fuel companies are retraining workers internally for positions in low-carbon areas to retain talent or to maintain flexibility as needs arise. However, this is not an option everywhere, and ensuring a people-centred and just transition for affected workers must remain a focus for policy makers, especially in the coal sector where employment has been declining consistently for several years.

2.88 MW/ 7.296 MWh! Vilion Obtained New Order of User-side BESS from Japan

On September 6, 2022, Vilion obtained a 2.88MW/7.296MWh energy storage project order of Japan, which is an integrated solar+storage project with 3.5MW installed photovoltaic capacity and 2.88MW/7.296MWh energy storage system. The project adopts six sets of the 480kW/1216kWh 3rd-generation Containerized Battery Energy Storage System (EnerCube), which is totally designed by Vilion, and is scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2022.   The integrated solar+storage solution provided by Vilion has both on-grid and off-grid operation mode. In the on-grid mode, the solar+storage system participates in the regulation of the Japanese electricity market, including peak-load shifting and virtual grid application. In the off-grid mode, the solar+storage system will serve as a power generation unit to build a smart microgrid to supply power for the microgrid region, so as to solve the power-off of of users in the region.   Vilion always adheres to the development strategy of paying equal attention to both domestic and foreign markets, and continues to expand its business scope. Vilion has already landed projects in Asia, Europe and Africa, and actively deployed agency cooperation relations in other regions to promote the brand and products to a broader market.

Vilion Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement With a Digital Technology Company of Dongguan

On August 31, 2022, Vilion signed a strategic cooperation agreement on energy storage business with a digital technology company in Dongguan, and the two parties will establish a comprehensive strategic partnership in energy storage technology, products, market and other aspects.

Vilion Shortlisted Top 23 of Tencent Carbon Neutralization Accelerator Total Finalists

Since Vilion was shortlisted as one of the top 60 finalists of the Tencent Carbon Neutral Accelerator and participated the closed road show on June 18, 2022, and after the fierce competition, the Tencent Accelerator Program released the final admission list on September 1, and Vilion became one of the official students of Tencent Carbon Neutral Accelerator. In 2021, Tencent announced the launch of the Carbon Neutral Plan, actively responding to China's carbon neutrality goal, and became one of the first Internet enterprises to launch the Carbon Neutral Plan.  Tencent Carbon Neutral Accelerator project officially launched in January. As the first batch of students, Vilion will further cooperate and share resources with Tencent in financing acceleration, business resources, sales channels, technology and other aspects, and give full play to its advantages in the field of electrochemical energy storage technology innovation and application. Vilion will work together with more quality innovative enterprises to promote a high degree of integration of low-carbon society and digitalization, and explore a "dual carbon" future.

A Company in Shenzhen Signed a New Contract with Vilion for EnerArk Outdoor BESC

On August 29, 2022, an energy company in Shenzhen ordered a batch of EnerArk outdoor battery energy storage integrated cabinet for the third time. After the previous two cooperation, the two sides have established a good mutual trust and cooperation relationship. In the future, the two sides will carry out more extensive and lasting cooperation on EnerArk and other energy storage products.
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