Vilion (Shenzhen) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Independent R&D, system integration, software development, O&M and dismantling&recycling, Vilion is a full life cycle partner.
Our Career

1 Vilion is a comprehensive energy service high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, sales and service of battery energy storage related products.

Vilion was established in Shenzhen, the capital of technology and innovation in China and has successfully provided battery energy storage system (BESS) solutions and technical services for lots of customers at home and abroad.

Vilion currently has EnerCube (containerized ESS), EnerArk (integrated outdoor battery energy storage cabinet), ViStarter (edge energy management system and local controller), ViTower (virtual power plant operation control system) and other products. Vilion focus on providing users with comprehensive energy services and integrated solutions, including smart microgrid systems with off-grid functions, industrial and commercial application solutions that combine solar and storage (such as system expansion, peak load shifting, emergency power backup, etc.), the green flexible charging system integrating chargers, solar and storage, contribute to the low-carbon society via energy transfer.

Vilion always believes that innovation drives the future. The company now has a number of invention patents. As the first people of developers dedicated to battery ESS applications and solutions, Vilion is still striving forward to build an efficient, flexible and economical "smart energy sponge" allows green energy to move on demand.

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